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The Box Shop

Every Zippy Rental site is conveniently co-located with our fully stocked Box Shop.

Here you can find everything you need to protect, transport and store your possessions. From masking tape and boxes to tea chest containers and waterproofing supplies, there's no need to look anywhere else.

Tea Chest Cartons

This versatile carton is ideal for a number of purposes. Rest assured that your clothes, valuables or other items are secure during transport and storage. 

$6.00 each

Wardrobe Cartons

Protect your clothes and linen from degrading over time with Lock ‘n’ Store’s custom built Wardrobe Carton.

$23.00 each

Wall Hanging Cartons

Paintings, mirrors and wall hangings are protected during transport and stored safely in our specially built carton. $8.00 each

Book/ Wine Cartons

Heavy duty enough to store your books and wine during the move and an excellent storage solution.

$4.50 each

Carton Sealing Tape (Fragile)

Fragile tape is a highly effective way to seal your carton and warn handlers to take care.
$15.00 each

Hand Held Tape Dispensers

Our hand held tape dispenser is every mover's favourite tool.
$29.95 each

Furniture Protectors

Specifically made to protect your furniture, these sheets slide over your furniture with ease.

$11.00 each

Mattress Covers

Storing, moving or renovating? Mattress covers keep your bed safe from dirt, dust and water.

$9.95 each

Archive Cartons

Excellent for organising documents and protecting your paperwork from degrading over time.



Canning Vale 9455 2252

Rockingham 9529 4111

Mandurah 9581 6073

Albany 9842 8788