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Ute Hire in Canning Vale

When it comes to finding a truck hire in Canning Vale, you have several options in terms of vehicles. Understanding those options will help ensure that you’re able to make a more informed decision and enjoy a positive experience.

One-tonne utes are available as a truck rental in Canning Vale. They’re smaller than standard truck rentals, but they can be very useful. They’re particularly important for use as a removal truck hire, but they can also be used for moving a few personal belongings from your home or apartment to a self-storage facility. Other uses include delivering fertilizer and similar supplies, or bulky single item deliveries where protection from the elements does not matter. Because they’re smaller than full-sized moving trucks, they’re more manoeuvrable, and they can be driven with a standard license.

Moving Truck Hire in Canning Vale

Three-tonne moving trucks are also available as a truck hire in Canning Vale. These are larger than utes by a considerable amount, and are most often used as moving truck hires. However, they can play a wide range of other roles, too, such as delivering appliances, furniture and the like. In fact, any situation in which an enclosed bed and a hydraulic lift to make loading simpler can benefit from a three-tonne truck. Note that because they are larger, they’re less manoeuvrable than utes, but they make up for that in increased cargo capacity and loading ease.

Our trucks are fully automatic and can be driven with a standard car license. They can also be hired for any length of time and for any purpose. With Zippy Rentals, you’ll have access to not just reliable moving or removal truck rentals in Canning Vale, but the help you need to make an informed decision.

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