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Truck Hire in Mandurah

Considering a truck hire in Mandurah? Whether you have items that must be removed, are moving to a new home, or need to haul items for another reason, a truck rental can be a positive experience. With Zippy Rentals, we’ll make sure it is!

Our trucks are automatic and driveable with a standard car license to make your moving day stress free. They are also equipped with the best safety equipment, which includes large mirrors for good visibility, warning beepers when reversing, and active braking. Never consider renting a truck for removal, moving or hauling that is very old, or that has obviously suffered severe damage. All our trucks are clean, in good repair, and new.

Long-term truck hire in Mandurah

While removals might be one-time needs, and moving may require only a few days, there are situations in which you may need to rent a truck for a longer period. With Zippy Rentals, our trucks can be hired in Mandurah for as long as you need, and for any purpose. While many companies will impose area of travel limitations, at Zippy you aren’t limited on the number of kilometres you can drive during a rental period.

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Established in 2005, Zippy Rentals is a privately owned Australian company committed to providing reliable, clean and safe vehicle hire at our five convenient locations.

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